• 064-feature

    North Melbourne

    Residential – North Melbourne

  • Canterbury-Thumb

    Habitat Uniting – Canterbury

    Renewal of 1920′s gothic revival church in Canterbury, Victoria

  • Pitney-Thumb

    Point Lonsdale Beach House

    Residential – Point Lonsdale

  • perspectivethumb

    South Port Uniting

    Public Buildings – South Melbourne

  • Queenscliff-Thumb

    Queenscliff Church Conversion

    Residential – Queenscliff

  • <h3> Warehouse Conversion Collingwood <h3>

    Warehouse Conversion Collingwood

    Residential – Collingwood

  • Williamstown-Thumb

    Williamstown Office Renovation/Extension

    Commercial – Renovation and extension of an existing retail and office space

  • <h3> Preston House <h3>

    Preston House

    Extension to post-war brick veneer house.

  • <h3> Wandana Heights House <h3>

    Wandana Heights House

    Residential Project

  • <h3>Point Lonsdale House<h3>

    Point Lonsdale House

    Residential Project

  • Scarborough-Thumb

    Point Lonsdale Scarborough Close House

    Residential Project

  • <h3>St Mary’s</h3>

    St Mary’s

    Addition to 1960′s church in Greensborough, Victoria

  • <h3>Northcote House </h3>

    Northcote House

    Compact residential addition incorporating comprehensive environmentally sustainable design initiatives.

  • <h3>Mooroolbark House</h3>

    Mooroolbark House

    External house renewal including balcony and pergola.

  • <h3>Brunswick Uniting</h3>

    Brunswick Uniting

    Renovation of heritage listed church and hall in Brunswick, Victoria

  • <h3>SOFT Set Design</h3>

    SOFT Set Design

    for Back to Back Theatre Company

  • Thornbury-Thumb

    Thornbury House

    Alterations and additions for efficiency on a tight block.